Always looking for the newest styles in cabinetry, Pius is proud to carry our own Acrylic Flat Panel Cabinets. Express your creativity by mixing and matching styles and accents with our interchangeable door fronts. Perfect for condominiums and modern homes, our Flat Panel styles are bound to make a ny space stand out.


For our maple cabinets, we chooses only to use Canadian maple for our solid wood doors. With a Janka Hardness rating of 1450, Canadian maple is one of the densest domestic hardwoods. Prized for its soft grains and versatility, Maple is a wonderful choice for any kitchen.


Unlike most painted white cabinets, our cabinets are never made of melamine or particle board. Pius’ painted white cabinets have solid maple doors, finished with a clean coat of lacquer paint.


Parawood, or Rubber Tree Wood, is grown on plantations, making it not only affordable but also eco-friendly. With a Janka hardness rating of 970, the wood is not only durable but also known for its resistance to shrinkage. Thus, Parawood makes a wonderful choice for those looking for a quality and budget-friendly product.


Beautiful and rich in color, American Cherry is a premier and prized hardwood. With a Janka Hardness Score of 950, the American Cherry is a durable hardwood that will darken over time with increased exposure to sunlight.